Friday, February 17, 2012

A Cozy Weekend

Hard to believe that February is speeding by so quickly, next week we are already in the latter part of the month.  Before we know if, spring will be upon us and then the sweet summer.

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's and maybe some lucky girls out there got a sweet little rock - big or small, still an exciting experience!

But with all the commotion of last week, we need to rejuvenate and head up to the farm for the weekend.

Can't wait to leave behind those heels.
Of course we love them, but we only love them Monday-Friday.
And we exchange them for more comfy, sensible country wear.

We'll try the new bubble bath products that we bought on sale last week.
Guaranteed to make us a new you!

House to Home

House to Home

Maybe we will take a stroll into town to pick up some sweets.
Remember to dress warmly,  there is a slight chill in the air.

Head into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea, 
settle in with a good movie.


You've Got Mail

Those new sheets you bought are so heavenly, you could sleep all day.


Puttering around the house is such a relaxing thing.
Find yourself a good book to read or catch up on your blogs.


home and country

Have a great weekend my friends!


Wilda Hem

picture source - tumblr unless otherwise indicated


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  1. That was wonderful!!! I needed that refresher, thanks!!! hugs...cleo

  2. Such a relaxing post, lovely pictures! Carol Ann

  3. I love it when a blogger does posts like this. It's like setting back with a good magazine. No wonder magazines are going out of business. Great post.



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