Monday, February 6, 2012

Shabby White

I love the look of white shabby, white French, white country.
The more vintage, the better.

Throw in some vintage.

Little bit of neutral colours here and there.

Pretty linens and fluffy pillows.

The White Co

Flowers can never go wrong, no matter what colour.

White decor.


picture source - tumblr unless otherwise indicated


I will be linking up with White Wednesday at Faded Charm


  1. I love all of these images. That kitchen is gorgeous. We have those sheets from the White Company, they are Egyptian cotton and so lovely. My friends think I am crazy because I iron them, but they feel wonderful when you get into bed.

  2. That porch with the sofa loaded up with pink pillows stole my heart!

  3. how wonderful this silver chandelier with crystal pendants biachi but where can I find ^?? can you help me?
    ianny.f @
    tanks you

  4. Beautiful inspiration...going back to look again!

  5. Thanks for all the inspiration, we have some of the same taste as I have the picture of the kitchen on my blog a few post back and am thinking about doing my cabinets that way!

  6. thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive



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