Thursday, May 23, 2013

Duchess For A Day

Once upon a time.....
there was a beautiful Manor....
and a rich long lost uncle.
What would you do if you discovered you had a long, lost Aristocratic uncle,
 who just happened to leave you his Title and fortune in his will.
You are now a Duchess.  A Duchess for a Day.
Your first order of the day is to meet with all the stuffy Lawyers.  Must look the part.
Now with all the business set aside, we will have to do a wee bit of renovations and decorating to the old place.
We will start with the bedrooms.
So glad our new digs is by the sea.  This room will fit right in.
A nice cozy sitting area to enjoy your afternoon tea.
One of my new responsibility is hiring new staff.  Will hold interviews today.
Do you like my new Sheriff?
Little rough around the edges, but I can live with that!

How about the new Butler?
He did say his name was Butler, so I hired him as seconds flat actually.
Okay, little where was I.....oh yes,
 I have just been requested an audience with HM The Queen.
I suppose she wants to meet the new Duchess.
Exhausting work, but must carry on the family name.
Let us head back home.
Blue flows with the colour of the sea.....good colour choice.
Duchess......a girl could get use it!

And of course, live happily ever after!

picture source - tumblr

I will be linking up with My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.




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